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Fabritec 5943 Boost is designed to lift tough ground in soil and oily stains from washable garments. Boost is particularly effective against shirt cuff and collar stains. Boost is safe on most fabrics and dyes and will not set stains. It is compatible with all detergent systems.

Boost can also be used in a hydrocarbon, silicone, and other alternative solvent drycleaning systems to help remove heavy grease stains on industrial cleaning and heavily soiled loads.  Boost has proven to be effective at suspending fugitive dyes and preventing bleeding when used per the instructions below.


Laundry and Wetcleaning:  For white or light shirts, add 4oz Boost in the first bath of a 50lb washer (roughly 1oz per 10 lbs of clothes).  For dark or colored shirts, add 6oz Boost in the first bath of a 50lb washer.  Can be used in conjunction with any detergent system. Wash for 20-25 minutes, rinse for 2-3 minutes, and extract at medium speed for 1 min. Add sour bath for 6 minutes if required.

Drycleaning: Boost can be added to the 1st bath.  Along with the typical amount of detergent and sizing, add 4 to 6 oz. Boost via a dosing unit, button trap, or injection devise (roughly 1oz per 10 lbs of clothing).  Mill for 5 minutes with an additional 2 minutes on jet spray if available. Mill should be set for no filter and solvent sent to the still after mill cycle. Inject soap and sizing in the second bath. For industrial cleaning, run a low level solvent cleaning cycle for 20 minutes and extract to the still.  After heavily soiled loads, a wheel wash down cycle is recommended as well as cleaning of the still.

Spotting:  Test on an unexposed part of the garment before proceeding.  Apply full strength to the stained area via sprayer or bottle, brush if necessary. For best results, allow Boost to penetrate and loosen the stain or soil for at least 10 minutes before wetcleaning or laundering the article.

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Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

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