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Fabritec 5937 Snap is a starch/polymer blend formulated for use by shirt and uniform laundries.  It is a unique starch/polymer blend of liquid natural starch and a specific synthetic sizing. Snap will give a smooth, full bodied feel with no build up. SNAP is designed to work effectively on all cotton or polyester blend fabrics and is formulated for shirt and uniform laundries.

Snap can be added manually or using an automated dispensing unit. To maintain consistent results, replace product container before completely empty.

Directions: Sour the load to recommended pH. Have sufficient water in the wheel to cover the load. While the wheel is in motion, pump or pour in the Snap. Run 6-8 minutes on lightly woven goods. Drain wash wheel while in motion. Extract and press in usual manner. For best starching results, starch cycle water temperatures should be 100 to 110°F.

Suggested Usage Table per 100 pounds of load: Shirts: 24 fluid oz. (3 cups); Uniforms: 32 fluid oz. (1 qt.); Table tops and napkins: 12 fluid oz. (1.5 cups)

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Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

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