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Stamford 6744 WETCLEEN is a unique, highly effective, non-alkaline, low temperature, wet-side detergent for fine washables. WETCLEEN is gentle enough for the most fragile fabrics and does not require rinsing. It leaves garments pleasantly soft and wrinkle free and makes finishing easier. Garments will retain their original depth of color and finish. It may be used in cold or warm water in standard washing machines, specialty wetcleaning machines or for hand washing.

Hand Washing: Mix 1/2 oz. WETCLEEN per gallon of cold or warm water. Soak fabric and squeeze periodically. Squeeze solution out or extract lightly—do not wring. Dry according to care label instructions.

Home Washer: Add 1 oz. WETCLEEN at low level—1.5 oz. at medium level. Use cold or warm setting. Wash short cycle on fragile setting. Dry according to care label instructions.

Commercial Washer: Add 1 to 2 oz. WETCLEEN per 10 lbs. of fabric. Use cold or warm water. Wash short cycle. Extract lightly. Dry according to care label instructions.

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Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

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