Restoration Remedies


Restoration Products by Fabritec

Using Fabritec Restoration Products helps ensure an adjuster calls your cleaning plant.

Restoration work requires a high level of technical expertise and commitment to detail by the cleaner. Fabritec provides a comprehensive "Restoration System" composed of products, procedures and on-premise technical service to aid the cleaner in achieving maximum results and, consequently, maximum profits.

Fabritec's "Restoration System" includes proprietary drycleaning, wetcleaning, laundry and specialty products designed to remove soot and odors associated with smoke and mildew. Our restoration procedures are time tested and proven to provide maximum cleaning results. Fabritec Technical Representatives provide expert on-premise technical service via periodic visits.
Prove your expertise to the insurance companies by using the best products in the industry in our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment including pumps, controllers, and sensors. Once you've been awarded the job, the same technology and superior products will allow you to do it better while saving time and money! That's repeat business for you!

Liquid Restoration Products

Reformulated Boost Degreaser- 5943


BOOST is a powerful degreasing/emulsifying aid for laundry and wetcleaning detergents and removes grease, oil and grime from heavily soiled garments. BOOST can also be used as a prespotter.

Prestige Enzyme Detergent - 5921


PRESTIGE Enzyme Detergent for Shirts and Regular Washables is a fully formulated, low pH, one shot liquid detergent containing a blend of enzymes that aids in removal of stains. It can be used in any water temperature and is compatible with all common laundry additives.

Restore Odor Neutralizer- 5970


RESTORE is a smoke and odor neutralizer for drycleaning and laundry applications. It is a unique proprietary product that neutralizes odors in fabrics and eliminates the need for the ozone treatment of most smoke damaged articles. Great for restoration applications.

Fab-Soft Softener- 5916


A premium biodegradable fabric softener that imparts excellent rewetting and softness properties. FAB-SOFT also imparts a pleasing clean fresh scent to treated fabrics.

Powder Restoration Products

5931 Titanium EXtra

(For Hard Water Use)


5911 Titanium Plus


It’s Not Just For Shirts Anymore!

Titanium is a multi-enzyme, low pH product containing over 16 active ingredients. “Copy Cat” products, even those claiming to contain enzymes, usually contain no more than six or seven ingredients and are loaded with useless fillers. Titanium low pH, low temperature formulation greatly reduces energy costs and is gentle on fabrics. Excellent results, even in adverse water conditions.
Low sudsing formulation means better mechanical action and higher soil removal.

Great for soaking! Removes a broad range of stains that other products simply can’t touch.
• Leaves garments soft and smooth.
• Gentle on skin; leaves no harsh residues on fabrics.
• Low pH means dramatic reduction in claims due to pinhole damage.
• High customer satisfaction ratings drive dry cleaning sales.

Outstanding results when used on:


• Wedding Gowns Top Cleaners use Titanium exclusively on polyester gowns!
• Drapes & Curtains
• Bedspreads, Duvets, Blankets (including electric), Pillows and Pillow Cases
• Area Rugs
• All Casual Wear including Levis, Dockers, and Polo Shirts Camping Gear and Garments such as:
Sleeping Bags, Tents, Ground Covers, Tarps, Parkas, Rain Gear, Cloth Hats and Gloves
• Ski & Hunting Wear including Gore Tex items
• High-visibility and reflective, safety garments

Use Titanium to:


• Restore dull and dingy garments.
• Safely bleach multi-colored garments to their original new and bright condition.
• Safely remove fugitive dye stains from white or colored items.
• Safely remove ink stains from white and colored garments.

Every plant should have Titanium on hand for restoring garments!