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Wet clean anything with Fabritec's easy 3 product system! For added versatility, try Titanium. The helpful tips below will help get you on the right path!

5914 Silky Clean Detergent


A low-temperature, no rinse detergent for fine washables such as silk, wool, and other delicate garments. Garments have a pleasing hand, enriched colors, and are easier to finish.

5925 Cotton Clean Detergent


A versatile, all-purpose detergent specially formulated for washables and casual care such as khakis, chinos, and flannel. Also great for outerwear and bedspreads.

5936 Condition-It Fabric Conditioner


A fabric finish that minimizes shrinkage, felting, and pilling in washable wool, silk, rayon, and all-natural fiber blends. Enhances fabric hand and facilitates fabric finishing.

What is Professional Wetcleaning?

Professional Wet Cleaning is the most commercially available non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning. It is an aqueous process for cleaning a full range of garments using state of the art technology, biodegradable detergents and additives, followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.

Professional Wet Cleaning: The Cleaning Process

Professional wet clean washers use a computer to control the rotation of the cleaning drum in order to minimize agitation while providing sufficient movement for effective garment cleaning. Wet clean washers are also equipped with a computer programmed detergent injection system, which allows the cleaner to specify the amount and type of wet clean detergent used for each load.

Biodegradable wet clean detergents have been formulated by detergent manufacturers to maximize cleaning power while minimizing color change and shrinkage.

Wet clean dryers include computer controls to assure that garments retain a proper amount of moisture after the dry cycle is complete.

Specialized tensioning pressing machines are used to enhance the restoration of constructed garments, such as suit jackets, suit pants, and tailored items.

Both equipment and operating costs are lower in wet cleaning compared to PCE dry cleaning. Cleaners who have switched are still able to process the same range of garments and materials as they did in the past.

Wet Cleaning Procedures

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5931 Titanium EXtra

(For Hard Water Use)


5911 Titanium Plus


It’s Not Just For Shirts Anymore!

Titanium is a multi-enzyme, low pH product containing over 16 active ingredients. “Copy Cat” products, even those claiming to contain enzymes, usually contain no more than six or seven ingredients and are loaded with useless fillers. Titanium low pH, low temperature formulation greatly reduces energy costs and is gentle on fabrics. Excellent results, even in adverse water conditions.
Low sudsing formulation means better mechanical action and higher soil removal.

Great for soaking! Removes a broad range of stains that other products simply can’t touch.
• Leaves garments soft and smooth.
• Gentle on skin; leaves no harsh residues on fabrics.
• Low pH means dramatic reduction in claims due to pinhole damage.
• High customer satisfaction ratings drive dry cleaning sales.

Outstanding results when used on:

• Wedding Gowns Top Cleaners use Titanium exclusively on polyester gowns!
• Drapes & Curtains
• Bedspreads, Duvets, Blankets (including electric), Pillows and Pillow Cases
• Area Rugs
• All Casual Wear including Levis, Dockers, and Polo Shirts Camping Gear and Garments such as:
Sleeping Bags, Tents, Ground Covers, Tarps, Parkas, Rain Gear, Cloth Hats and Gloves
• Ski & Hunting Wear including Gore Tex items
• High-visibility and reflective, safety garments

Use Titanium to:

• Restore dull and dingy garments.
• Safely bleach multi-colored garments to their original new and bright condition.
• Safely remove fugitive dye stains from white or colored items.
• Safely remove ink stains from white and colored garments.

Every plant should have Titanium on hand for restoring garments!