CHAMPION – 5516 – Dry Cleaning Detergent




Fabritec 5516 Champion Detergent, for use in hydrocarbon solvents, contains special oleochemical surfactants and an enhanced softener/antistat. It is formulated for the new modern high flash odorless hydrocarbon solvents and modern dry to dry hydrocarbon units and can also be used in the lower flash traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Fabritec Champion produces cleaner whites and brighter colors. The enhanced softener/antistat package contained in Champion minimizes static and lint load after load. Champion enhances cleaning results when used with Heated Solvent.

INJECTION USE: Inject Champion 5516 directly to each load  at a rate of 1 ounce per 5 lbs based on the weight of garments being cleaned via an automatic injector.

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Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

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